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“I Hate It When New DJs Tell Me This!” – Episode 9 Of Our DJ School Vlog

One of the biggest misconceptions around DJing today – with all the wonderful new digital systems, software, accessory controllers, new features and the like – is something that upsets me, as a teacher, more than nearly everything else. It stops people starting DJing, it puts fear into D...

business and finance

12/19: Operation pest patrol III / My Mixtape

• Operation pest patrol: The cherry tree and the pest • My Mixtape: "If I'm Unworthy," by Blake Mills...

social and politics

Senator Amy Klobuchar, Running as a Democrat in the Age of Trump

Until September, you’d be forgiven for not knowing much about Senator Amy Klobuchar. A Democratic senator from Minnesota since 2006, Klobuchar made national headlines over her frank questioning of the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s history of drinking. She then ran for reëlection in...

world news

Family of man stunned by police gets $750,000 settlement

City officials in Florida have approved a settlement for the family of a man who died after being stunned multiple times by police....

world news

Video captures train slamming into semi-truck trapped on tracks in Texas

Video captured the moment when a train slammed into a semi-truck that was trapped on the tracks in Texas on Tuesday, according to a report....

world news

Meghan Markle is ‘playing a dangerous game’ with dad Thomas, royal biographer says

Following a recent interview, in which, Thomas Markle claimed he hasn't spoken to his daughter Meghan in months — a royal biographer is encouraging the Duchess of Sussex to "build bridges" with her estranged father. ...

world news

Sully, President Bush's service dog, trains for work at Walter Reed

"Sully" — President George H.W. Bush's service dog — has temporarily moved back to his birthplace before heading to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center next year....

world news

Newt Gingrich: First Step Act vote shows Trump, Democrats and Republicans can work together

Trump, Democrats and Republicans all united to pass an outstanding criminal justice reform bill called the First Step Act....

world news

The Children's Place recalls some infant snowsuits over potential choking hazard

The Children's Place has issued a recall of some infant snowsuits because the metal snaps can detach posing a choking hazard to young children....

world news

Senate approves stopgap spending bill to avoid shutdown, sends to House

The Senate late Wednesday approved an interim spending bill that would keep several key departments of the federal government funded through February ...

world news

Donald Trump Jr. has message for Ocasio-Cortez after she bashed Politico article

For a day, there is bipartisanship in Washington. President Trump’s son took to Twitter to agree with Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., w...

world news

Liberal Rep. Barbara Lee in rare agreement with Trump over Syria troop withdrawal

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., was in rare agreement with President Trump on Wednesday as he announced his decision to pull U.S. troops from Syria....

world news

US envoy on North Korea visits border village amid stalemate

A U.S. special envoy for North Korea on Thursday visited a border village the rival Koreas has been demilitarizing as part of steps to reduce military...


Posh Lost - Gifts Received

Posh Lost - Gifts Received - a 2015 self-released single....

social and politics

I Was Looking For a Club and Now I Found a Club

Miserable Jose Mourinho Covers The Smiths [SiLlYT]

social and politics

A Christmas miracle.

Editors investigate after science journal publishes study with Trump's face on monkey feces It appears that some of our scientific scholars have, perhaps unintentionally, joined the thrum of world leaders, activists, and others who have mocked U.S. Presid...

social and politics

Look, I'm not on trial here

Dad And The Egg Controller

social and politics

Not My Territory

Perspectives From Urban Indigenous People Across Canada

Not My Territory* is a series about urban Indigenous perspectives, driven by the people who are part of the country's fastest growing populations. I spoke with 10 Indigenous people from across Canada, all with varying...

social and politics

I'm sure they're sorry again and will continue to do better

In the latest installment of the Facebook privacy scandals, it's been continuing to share far more data with other tech companies than it has been admitting.

social and politics

I Felt Like an Imposter

'Passing for white' was a complicated feeling at home in Ohio. In Chad, it was a whole different experience. Every time I crossed the courtyard, walked past the well in the corner and slipped out of the baby blue gate nestled into the high brick wall that surrounded my Chadian host fa...

social and politics

I'm Bad

An Honest Evaluation of LL Cool J's Entire Career (Pete Tosielli, Vulture)

Twitter Goes Nuts Over Slanderous LL Cool J Career Retrospective (HipHopDX)

social and politics

"9/11 simply never happened in the Hallmark universe"

A Past That Never Existed, a Future That Will Never Arrive—Lessons from watching every sin...

social and politics

Faking faking

"But transitioning from an average Instagram or YouTube user to a professional "influencer"—that is, someone who leverages a social-media following to influence others and make money—is not easy. ...

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ArkDes Gingerbread House Competition

ArkDes has a yearly gingerbread house competition. Enjoy all the contestants<...

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Alessandro Sicioldr

The Surreal

Why Not This Idea: Dogs Can Talk For 25 Minutes Per Day

Kelly Conaboy (previously and previously) writes: <...

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"It smashes things real good."

Hellboy (2019) [YouTube][Official Trailer] "The first trailer for Neil Marshall's Hellboy reboot is here and it's probably nothing like what y...

social and politics

"Have you ever arrested a governor before?" he asked.

The Day They Came for Rod Blagojevich: "Our alarms went off at 2 a.m. We put on suits, as ...