“If We Could Do Anything Our Own Way, What Would We Do?”: A Conversation With ‘Spider-Man’ Co-Director Bob Persichetti

An extensive conversation with "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" director Bob Persichetti.

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2016 Subaru Outback Touring - $22,223

Gris, 57,497 KM, 4-door, Boisbriand, QC


2003 Honda Civic DX-G~AUTO~DRIVES GOOD~AS-IS~ - $499

Black, 412,000 KM, 4-door, Toronto, ON


2015 Acura ILX Dynamic w/Navi Pkg 6 Speed Manual - $16,950

White, 108,265 KM, 4-door, BRAMPTON, ON


2008 Chevrolet Uplander LS - $2,950

Burgundy, 248,319 KM, 4-door, Surrey, BC


2017 Jeep Compass Trail Hawk. 4X4. Leather. Sunroof. Loaded - $27,988

Black, 25,396 KM, 5-door, Gorrie, ON


2006 Toyota Yaris LE - $5,997

Black, 192,000 KM, 4-door, Parksville, BC


2000 Toyota Corolla CE~AUTO~DRIVES GOOD~AS-IS~ - $499

Beige, 224,550 KM, 4-door, Toronto, ON


2011 Volkswagen Golf Wagon HIGHLINE - $9,999

Anthracite, 161,100 KM, 4-door, Waterdown, ON



Black, 196,000 KM, 4-door, Cambridge, ON


2014 Chrysler 200 Touring - $5,900

Grey, 138,000 KM, 4-door, Etobicoke, ON


NDA 2 Admit Card 2019 Release Date NDA NA II e-Call Letter

NDA 2 Admit Card Union Public Service Commission has stipulated the NDA NA II Exam date, UPSC National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination will be held on 17.11.2019 while NDA 2 Admit Card will be issued in the month of October 2019. NDA 2 Admit Card Release Date Candidates, who want to participate in ...

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Supermini sails in with supercar performance

If you are launching a special edition of an iconic Italian car you could do a lot worse than team up with a luxury Italian boat maker.


Education Journalist

Idaho Education News

Idaho Education News is seeking an ambitious and innovative journalist who can break news and wants to dive deep to investigate Idaho’s most pressing education issues. We want a journalist who has a passion for advancing the story and probing beneath the surface to enlighten Idahoans. We want someone with a clear writing style who also can visually tell stories that accurately inform, entertain and engage our audiences.

This is a great job for a journalist who wants to make a difference in the world.

Our favorite candidates also need to:

read more


Hockey sign ups

We need people to sign to get a ice hockey team at quakertown high school.


One Doctolero in web(no sutter)

Sutter kinda hit Zarek. Barely hit him but it still counts.


OUT Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau DOIT annuler le paiement aux pétrolières et renoncer à son titre de PM.
Justin Trudeau MUST annulate de payment made ton oil companies and renounce his title of PM.


Force William to Shut Up!

William needs to be stopped! Behind his heroic identity of the Thot Patrol Leader, he is a ruthless terror, kicking all people, men, women, and those with disabilities that think there are more than 2 genders. To stop him, all we need is your signature and your credit card number. Hurry, theres not much time!


Cinder The Bear Survived Wildfire Burns Only To Be Shot By Hunter

Cinder was a 30 lb young black bear in Washington state. In 2014, she miraculously survived severe wildfire burns and won the heart of us humans. Tragically, she was shot and killed almost immediately


Get Hamm's to sponsor Dixie Wrecked

Everyone in Tulsa knows that Dixie Wrecked is damn good at one thing... Drinkin beer. And when they drink, they reach for a nice, cold Hamm's.
Now, seein as how these boys have probably increased the net worth of Miller Brewing Co. significantly through their patronage alone, we think it's right that Miller give back.
Here's your chance Miller. Dixie Wrecked has songs about drinkin... Why not let em show their love for your finest product, Hamm's.


Keep Ms. Rollon at ESA

Ms. Rollon has been at ESA since September. She came as a replacement for a teacher, and wound up taking on 6 classes. She is honestly the best math teacher I have had in years. She approaches education in a calm and caring way. Ms. Rollon offers constant extra help, is involved in extra curriculars, and even brings us homemade baked goods. She is beyond kind. Sadly, however, the teacher she's replacing is set to return in March, meaning she would no longer teach at our school. Not only is this disruptive to our learning, but it is upsetting that an incredible woman will no longer be teaching at an incredible school. I urge you, if you care about education, love Ms. Rollon, or are bad at math, sign this.


Demand An End To Cancer Causing Nitrates In Processed Meat

Nitrates in Processed meat have been scientifically proven to cause cancer. The meat industry pumps these chemicals into our food, to keep the meat looking pink, so that it appears more appetising to the consumer.
A quote from Cancer UK " Nitrites and nitrates are used to preserve processed meat and may explain why studies find that processed meat increases the risk of cancer. Nitrite and nitrates can be converted into N-nitroso compounds during the curing process and in the body. Several N-nitroso compounds can cause cancer".
All food should be 100% safe to eat and most people are unaware of the danger of eating processed meat.


Cast Tommy Wiseau as Tleilaxu or Facedancer in new Dune movies

Tommy Wiseau is a savant actor with a lot to offer any production if properly cultivated. I believe it would be a travesty to fail to cast him in one of the two roles indicated, as he is the best choice for such a role, and would bring a great deal to it as an actor and an artist.
My petition is intended to bring this fact to Hollywood's attention, and secure his casting in future projects where such characters are bound to occur.


Relocate giant Tortoises to a bigger and better and natural place!

Grote, vriendelijke en oude landschildpadden leven in erbarmelijke omstandigheden bij het Berjaya Hotel op het eiland Mahé te Seychellen. Het hotel heeft 2 "sanctuaries" / "ruimtes" voor deze schildpadden maar de ruimtes waar ze in leven is gewoonweg te klein, vies, het stinkt er (ze leven in hun eigen poep en pies), krijgen stokken en blaadjes te eten en het waterbad (wat nog niet eens een waterbad te noemen is) is ronduit smerig. De bodem/grond van de 2e ruimte is van beton. De schildpadden in deze ruimte schuiven met hun buik/schild over het beton en ook hier is het waterbad vies! Ook hier lagen wat stokken en blaadjes voor ze te eten. Het was een zeer trieste aanblik....
Het Berjaya Hotel resort en Casino te Beau Vallon, Mahé, heeft een enorme mooie grote tuin met veel schaduw. Wat ik graag wil is dat het Berjaya Hotel een andere leefruimte voor deze schildpadden gaat maken in hun tuin. Leefruimte groter, natuurlijker en schoner, zorgen dat het waterbad/poel elke dag schoongemaakt word, geen beton meer om op te leven, bomen om onder te kunnen schuilen en voldoende voedsel gaat geven.
Ook wil ik dat het Berjaya Hotel in overleg met Nature Seychelles, na gaat denken om de schildpadden te gaan re-lokaliseren naar Cousin Island Seychelles.
Large, friendly and old tortoises live in deplorable conditions at the Berjaya Hotel on the island of Mahé in Seychelles. The hotel has 2 "sanctuaries" / "rooms" for these turtles but the spaces where they live is simply too small, dirty, it stinks (they live in their own shit and pee), sticks and leaves to eat and the water bath (which can not even be described as a water bath) is simply filthy. The bottom / ground of the 2nd space is made of concrete. The turtles in this room slide with their belly / shield over the concrete and here too the water bath is dirty! Here too there were some sticks and leaves for them to eat. It was a very sad sight ....
The Berjaya Hotel resort and Casino at Beau Vallon, Mahé, has a huge beautiful large garden with lots of shade. What I want is that the Berjaya Hotel will make another living space for these turtles in their garden. Living space bigger, more natural and cleaner, ensure that the water bath / pool is cleaned every day, no more concrete to live on, trees to shelter under and enough food to give.
I also want the Berjaya Hotel in consultation with Nature Seychelles, after thinking to go to localize the turtles to Cousin Island Seychelles.


Scrap universal credits to stop poverty

I would like people to sign the petition as in the future everyone will likely to be put on universal credits and being put in poverty also affecting not only yourselves but young children there is people who can’t get jobs due to not enough work out there or if someone has an illness getting put on universal credits people won’t survive I have anxiety and just reading about universal credits it’s making my mental health worse


Free cyntoia brown who killed her rapist at 16

Cyntoyia was in the predicament of being a victim of rape after she killed her rapist at 16 and now is sentenced to jail because of it.


Changes for Epping School's Grading System

We the people of the Epping School District have come together to demand changes to our students current grading and education system. The current competency-based system that is being enacted in the Epping School District was hastily rolled out, with many questions from parents and students still left unanswered by our Superintendent and Administrators. This current grading system is not a true competency-based system and has many flaws.

While it is true that every district in the state of New Hampshire needs to be working towards Competency Based Education, how that system is rolled out can vary greatly. To say that we are less than impressed by the current system at the Epping School district is an understatement. We the parents respectfully come together to demand changes to this system as our children's futures are on the line.

For example- why are there only two tiers of grading- E, MC (passing) and AC, N (failing)? How does this affect higher education? Scholarships? Car insurance for good students? How can a student be excluded from sports for an "N" or "AC"? In a true competency-based system, students are encouraged to learn at their own pace, and should not be excluded from sports if they are taking more time to learn than others. How are you motivating students to be self -directed and providing support to those that are not? Why was the reassessment policy not addressed with all components considered? And why was a policy not written prior to the rolling out of the grading system? And these are just a few of the many questions parents and students have asked and still do not have answers to.

By signing this petition I request that the Epping School District come together with parents, students, and community members to create a system of grading that is fair and well thought out so that our children are not subject to hasty implementation of an experimental grading system. 


Terminar Desencadenando Perros en Costa Rica ???????? End Chaining Dogs in Costa Rica

Inste al presidente de Costa Rica a que declare ilegal encadenar a un perro de por vida. La mayoría de los países desarrollados tienen leyes similares de bienestar animal.


We need to sell liquor in grocery and convenience stores I bet you will get a lot of money that way

Every other state does it why are we so sheltered. Its honestly a little embarressing. Money would shoot through the roof if we did this.


Request: permission to travel outside the United States

I am a reformed citizen whom wishes to travel outside the United States.



For over 15 years and longer the streets of Los Angeles County which are in great disrepair have caused tremendous damage to it's citizen's tires and wheels. This expense has become major when driving the streets of Los Angeles County. I have had too many shared experience from a myriad of people who have had tire and wheel damage because of potholes damage.


Late to school due to carpoolers in the junior lot?

Tons of people are late in the mornings due to excessive traffic caused by parents using Atholton's junior lot as a carpool lane, when there is a specified car loop for this purpose. Petition would ask administrators to place an employee in front of the junior lot around 5 or 10 minutes before the first bell to direct non-students to the carpool lane and keep traffic moving in the mornings. Parents who wish to use the lot as a carpool lane can do so before this time. Managing traffic at this time will help to prevent accidents, and help students get to class on time.


On regards to the BOE change in 2019-2020 school calendar

They’re messing up not only my senior year but messing up the schedule for the freshman coming and making school more stressful without any breaks


Protect Endangered Species in Michigan

There is a lack of help when it comes to endangered species around the world and no one is doing anything about it. I am concerned because without these animals the entire world could drastically change, and I am trying to pass legislation in Michigan to start the trend of protecting these precious creatures.


This State Has Some of the Worst Animal Protection Laws in the Country

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, Wyoming is the state with the highest pet population. Their study claims that 72% of households in the state have a furry, feathered or fishy friend. So it's shocking that, even though it's clear that Wyomingites love their pets, they have some of the worst animal protection laws in the entire country.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund ranks them as 48th out of the 50 states. That's unacceptable.

Many states have made efforts to pass regulations that would enshrine stronger animal welfare in their legal system. But even this year, after a horse abuse case got statewide coverage, Wyoming officials rejected an amendment to their current animal cruelty bill that would have increased punishments and penalties. This will surely earn the state another "worst" title again this year.

Activists point out that Wyoming has some of the least punitive laws in the country for animal abuse and neglect, with no felony laws for neglect or abandonment. The state also lacks specific statutes against bestiality and doesn't force animal abusers to relinquish their pets after they have been convicted of animal cruelty.

If Wyoming officials could make these changes they could not only make a big difference for the state's four-legged citizens but they would show the rest of the country that they take animal abuse seriously.

This year's animal cruelty bill, introduced by Teton County Rep. Mike Gierau, failed to garner the 40 votes needed to reach the floor. But next year, the bill can be introduced again, and this time it could stand a better chance.

With your help, we can send a message and convince Wyoming Representatives to create a legal regime that puts it in at the top of the list for states with the best animal protection laws.

Please sign this petition and tell Rep. Mike Gierau and the rest of the House to amend the animal cruelty bill, increasing punishments for animal cruelty and adding real felony penalties for animal abuse and neglect. Sign the petition and ask the Cowboy State to protect the animals loved by so many of its citizens.


The Democrats Need to Support the Green New Deal

It couldn't be more obvious that the U.S. needs major environmental reform - moderate incremental compromise on climate change will NOT do the trick, especially in the limited timeframe we have to avoid catastrophe.

That's why the Democratic party needs to embrace Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's call for a Green New Deal. Though essential, shifting this country to renewable energy won't be cheap or easy, which is why it makes sense to tie it to a larger economic/jobs/public service plan in the vain of FDR's New Deal.

Of all the things the government spends money on, a massive plan that puts people to work, keeps the economy thriving, and puts us on the path toward 100% renewable energy seems like one of the most worthwhile expenditures.

While the Green New Deal is picking up steam, it's still missing support from most old-school Democrats. That's a shame because the plan is intensely popular with Americans - it has 81 percent support from people after they've heard about it - including a strong majority of Republicans.

This is the kind of platform that has the power to save the planet. And if that's not enough, this is the kind of platform that you can win elections with. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, we're looking to you to lead your party toward a greener, more prosperous future. Rally the troops and make the Green New Deal a center of the Democratic agenda.


Demand Incoming Congress Curb Rapidly Growing Wealth Inequality!

A new study finds that by 2030, the top 1% will possess two-thirds of the world's wealth in just 12 years, if trends continue. Since the financial crisis of 2008, this group has seen its wealth grow by 6% every year, while the rest has only had 3% growth.

Right now, of the more than 2,000 billionaires in the world, extreme poverty across the globe could be completely eliminated with their collective wealth — seven times over.

This grim future is not inevitable, but it is if wealthy countries don't take steps to prevent it. President Trump's massive tax cut for the wealthiest individuals in the United States, however, is only exacerbating the problem and driving us ever faster to unprecedented wealth disparity.

Next year this country will have a new Congress — one with fewer individuals who supported Trump's tax cuts. Add your name this petition to call on these legislators to repeal these cuts immediately to curb unchecked greed!


End Slavery

Slavery is a bad thing because I believe that all people should be equal. Since all people should be equal the color of one's skin should not matter and everyone should have the same opportunity to get a job or take part in the government though voting or running for any position in the government. There are lots of reasons why I believe that Slavery should be abolished, if you need any more reasons why just do some research on the Civil War.


Daughters Of Tuskegee!

The "Daughters of the Confederacy" has failed to remove a Confederate Statue that sits in the heart of Tuskegee. Home of The Great Tuskegee Airmen historical site. The Daughters Of Tuskegee needs your help! Sign up let the "Daughters Of The Confederacy" know this is not their town! We have in town celebrations around this mark of hatred! Remove the STATUE!

Please join us! We demand it to be REMOVED immediately.


End Cambodian deportion

Deportion and border issues. Deport Trump to whomever will take him. Never separate families. Allow asalyum to members of caravan. Give dreamers citizenship.


Fix Our Road!

Our "dirt road" on Lemon Bluff Road is in total disrepair. Hundreds of pot holes.


Stop Mattel from making same-sex marriage barbies PROTECT OUR KIDS!

Mattel is considering making a same sex Barbie wedding set. This is NOT something that should be pushed openly on our children! Becoming homosexual is an adult choice, please sign and SHARE this to stop Mattel! Our children's lives are at stake and are counting on YOU.



Our Pacman project was assigned on Monday, 12/17/19 and is due 12/21/19 - a mere 4 days to work on a grueling, long project. This is an inexcusable atrocity to the welfare of us students and the fairness of education. Many of the skills required for the project have not been covered at all- which isn't the fault of the teacher or the course; we don't need to learn how to set up things like keylistener for the AP test. That being said, we deserve way more than a single school week with no weekends at all to figure out this complex project. In the previous years, students had three weeks to work on the project - 3 times what we have - and some of them even didn't finish. We need to unite together and push for an extension on this project!!!


Age Discrimination

I'm disabled! Diagnoised with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, & Connective Tissue Disorder!!!

I have been denied for 5 yrs now!
My last hearing the judge said I was disabled but still DENEID!
Been employed since I was 13 & they still don't wanna give it 2 me!!!

So I'm fighting 4 justice!!!
Treat Everyone Fair Regradless of age color race gender & disabilities!!!